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From the Desk of Father Jonathan

The Church or the Building?

One of the goals I proposed for our parish this year in my Easter Letter (copies are still in back of the church) was the improvement of the physical plant
of our parish. That means regular maintenance and capital improvements. It means paying back large debts and giving ourselves a solid base for the future. I hope you noticed that this was the last goal on the list. I did this to remind me, and all of us, not to get distracted from our more important SPIRITUAL goals. If you ever notice that I am spending more time on fixing material problems than on PEOPLE, please tell me! Fr. Urbano and I want to be available for you as priests! 

But when our buildings and finances are in good order, I think we are better able to worship God and serve each other. 

With this in mind, I am happy to inform you that we have already begun work on the renovation of our front, church doors, which are in urgent need of repair. You will notice how the pine moldings of the doors are rotting and the paint is peeling. The locks are broken. It's been fun looking at the oldest pictures of the façade of the church that we have, in order to match the doors to the color and style of the original doors from 100 years ago. The doors will be a darker color than they are now, similar to the interior doors in the vestibule. 

We can thank a donor from outside of our parish for this work.

The next project, which I hope will begin simultaneously, will be the construction of a vertical lift for wheelchairs.  We have enlisted an architect to draw up plans and we are in the process of getting bids for the project.  God willing, we will begin installation within the next several weeks. We have $1,000 donated so far for this project, but I am expecting the cost to be about $7,000. This is a worthy project! Please tell me if you can help!

Happy Easter....yes, smile and laugh, we are still celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus!

Fr. Jonathan