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The Archdiocese of New York has begun a program entitled: Making All Things New. Cardinal Dolan states:        
“We no longer need 368 parishes in their current locations! We may need to create new parishes, or expand some, while closing or merging others. Manhattan and the Bronx are particularly saturated with parishes. We can no longer spend $40 million a year to maintain parishes that are serving only a relative handful of parishioners, especially when there are other parishes nearby, ready, willing, and eager to welcome new parishioners. Secondly, pastoral experience tells us that churches which are 10 to 20 percent full do not usually lead to meaningful and uplifting liturgies. And, ministries of education, service, and charity cannot flourish where there are not significant membership and resources to support them. Making All Things New is not a euphemism for simply closing parishes or switching church names. It is a critical effort to enhance our ministries and sustain vibrant parishes.” 

Please pray for the Archdiocese, especially for those who will be affected in our area of the Bronx.